Monday, August 29, 2011

Change of Plans....Not Finished Yet..........

 A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was going to quit sewing for a season....time to be just wife and momma in my home. I took several last orders....sewed all weekend.....and was ready and happy to put the Flitterbug patterns aside for awhile!
Just as I was taking my *last* order....our final, final expenses related to the twins adoption came in. In all honesty, my first thought was "nooooo! I am finished....ready to give my 100% of my time to my husband and kids!"  After a quiet time of prayer, and good insight and encouragement from the hubs, it became apparent that necessity would demand I sew a little bit longer.
In a nutshell, we are 35 Flitterbugs away from being finished with the peanuts adoption:)

As He always does, the Lord has given me the strength and energy to finish strong, and as he always does, the hubs is cheering me on!
I have no idea how many more days of sewing lie ahead.....I know the Lord can bring the last 35 orders in a matter if minutes if He sees fit.  As soon as I reach my goal....the sewing is done for this season!
I am going to do things a bit differently for this last big push.I typically purchase all of my fabric before posting them.  In order to not end up with any extra fabric that must be sold to cover expenses, I will be purchasing fabric as the orders come. I have chosen mostly Christmas I have had numerous requests for some holiday sewing! I have also changed the style selection to better fit winter/Christmas garments. Pop over to the home page to see what is available!
All of the fabric is high quality designer fabric, and because I will paying full price for these fabrics....I cannot offer sale prices on the garments. The prices listed on the home page is what I will need to sale them for!
Thank you for all who have ordered a Flitterbug over the past 2 years and have helped to bring our babies home. We are now 35 Flitterbugs away from the finish unexpected last hump, but one we know the Lord can carry us across quickly!
Thank you for giving me the privilege of sewing for your children!


  1. I thought that all you adoptive parents out there would like to know that there is a soon-to-be show on Disney Chanel featuring 2 white parents with 1 bio kid and 3 adopted (One from India, One from Africa, and one from somewhere else) Isn't that Awesome? Oh yeah- the show is called "Jessie"


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