Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost There.....

On Monday, I announced that I would be taking 35 more Flitterbug orders to fund our final adoption expenses......and then would be finished sewing Flitterbugs for this season in life.  
Since then, 20 orders have come in!

Thank you, thank you!

You ladies all love the same fabrics.....of all 20 orders placed, a total of 2 different fabrics have been chosen. Can you guess which ones they are?!?!

My wonderful hubs is cheering me on in this last sewing stretch, and we are going to do a "mini" week of school next I finish these final orders.

Thank you for allowing me to sew for your little ones......I'll take 15 more orders....and that will be the end for now. Pop on over to see the available fabrics and styles if you would like to place a final order.

Thank you for being a part of Flitterbugs and our peanut's journey home!


  1. Julie - I also have a sewing business to help pay for expenses for our current kiddos (and to save some money to add to our bunch). I would be interested in buying any leftover fabric/notions/etc if you would like to get rid of anything. Sounds like you may not have much left if you are buying for each order but just thought I would put it out there :)
    you can email me at tara at
    good luck with the last few orders!
    tara shepherd


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