Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Past Few Weeks......

Have been busy, busy, busy. A good, full busy...but busy!
And since blogger will not let me drag my pictures around today.....here is a peek at our "busy" in total, random order:)
I'm so thankful for our little family. I love my hubby and sweet kiddos more and more each day. What a privilege and joy to be a part of each of their lives! And yes...once again this year a fourth stocking does not hang along with the children's'....but "hope" does. Perhaps we will still yet hang a stocking this year?!?! Only the Lord knows!
I got to go with Evangeline and a sweet group of girlies from church to paint ornaments. I love getting to be with this little lady!
I have been sewing, sewing, sewing like crazy.
...For our kiddos....some special French handsewn and other southern heirloom style things for baby....Christmas gifts for everyone and yes,
lots of Flitterbugs! We are thankful for each order that comes in.
It has actually turned COLD in Georgia! I have to go bust the ice off of the chickens' water a couple times each day. (Sooo not typical for Georgia!)

Sweet baby girl. Evangeline is becoming more and more my helper with each passing day!
We went to see Kenny's family at Thanksgiving....and had such fun being with cousins.

How I love my little people! What a blessing and a joy!
We had one of the most amazing and humbling experiences several weeks ago. Kenny had met a man from Haiti named Vilmer Paul through his online seminary courses. Vilmer came to Mississippi to take some residency courses last month, and was able to come and meet our family one weekend. It was truly life changing for our family. I will have to tell you all about Vilmer and his ministry in another post!
Kenny has been hard at work lately....and I have to brag a bit:)
Kenny is a cabinet builder and carpenter....and yes, he is GOOD. The best:)
I snagged a picture of an entertainment center he did for a customer recently. The picture really doesn't do his work justice! If you live in GA and want some beautiful well made, handmade cabinets.....the Hubs is your guy!

Landis (5), Samuel (2) and Evangeline (7)
We love evenings at home just being together. One of our favorite new games....called "Pa's a crab!" Such a joy to hear the squeals of delight from the kids!
Me and my wonderful hubby....yes, posing with the compost bin my mother in law gave us:)
I was soooo excited! Who has a MIL cool enough to give her a compost bin?!?!
I love that lady.....she knows me well:)


I am busy finishing up Flitterbug orders for Christmas gifts.
It's not too late to order something....just get the order to me soon so I can get it to you in time for Christmas!
You can also email me if you would like to give a gift certificate to someone....I will mail/email you one.
I have several new fabrics I am working on posting.....and sewing up a stash of dresses for a sale....and several pictures to post of little girls in Flitterbugs. Whew....can I get a few more hours for my day?!?!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has placed an order lately.......we so appreciate your support in our adoption! I can't wait until the day when I get to post those 4 coveted words....we got the call. Not yet, but longing for that day!


  1. love the pics girl! :0) your husband does amazing work...beautiful!

  2. Such cute pictures! WOW! You and your husband are both so talented and creative!!

  3. Love seeing you all! Samuel sucking his thumb is just to adorable :-D Such busy, talented and blessed people. Praying for that hope ornament to have a NAME...by Christmas maybe???

  4. great pics...i love my flitterbugs :) kj


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