Saturday, December 18, 2010

7 Months.....Waiting

Today marks the 7 month mark of being homestudy ready and officially waiting. And yes...that's in addition to the months prior when we started this adoption journey. We never, never, ever thought we we would be waiting this long. How to I find my heart today?
Quiet, calm.....and (for the moment:)...content with the wait.
Oh, don't get me wrong, we are ready for that call to come. We are longing to meet our peanut.
But this journey is the Lord's, written by Him...and we are willing to wait on our child.
When that day comes.....I know we will be filled with nothing but praise.
I cannot think about our baby without also praying for our birthmother. Seven months we have been waiting. Has she been pregnant these seven months? Is she even pregnant now? Has our child been in foster care all of these months? Has our birthmother lived at home with a family who loves her? Is she being treated with extra mercy and kindness this Christmas? Has she seen our profile yet? Does she want to choose our family for her baby, or are we her only choice? Does she know we don't "just want her baby", but long to meet her as well?
I have been asked the following question many times, and have asked it myself even more:
"If there is such a need, why are we waiting?"
Are there really children in the US who need homes, or are we simply adopting domestically to "get" a newborn.
Children are starving, dying, longing for a home all over the world.....and here we sit, profile ready...just. waiting.
I know the truth, though it is not always easy to "feel".
This journey is the Lord's. It is He who knows our child...who knit this child together. Yes, we pray and even long to adopt children internationally. Children who who are sick, have special needs, have never felt a mother's love.....who are HIV positive and life on earth could be cut short. this time, in this adoption.....our child is here. And we must wait on that child! We have "done" what we can in this adoption....and now we will wait.
Our baby isn't ready yet.
When the day comes that our baby is ready, that phone will ring. And the wait will be over.
And the celebration will begin.
We never thought we would pass through the summer without meeting our child. Much less the fall....and certainly not celebrate Christmas without our baby in our arms.
The journey is the Lords and we are blessed and thankful to be a part of it!
We cannot speed it up....try as we may.
This Christmas, I pray our birthmother may relish the moments her baby kicks within her. I pray she is shown love, grace and mercy.
And if our baby is in foster care, I pray this little one is doted on and celebrated......
and millions of pictures are taken:)
Seven months waiting.....means we are 7 months closer!


  1. We were ready to go around the end of February. We waited .... Oh my goodness! If not for commenting on your post i wouldn't have remembered our Nutmeg came home 6 years ago today! To give you some hope, it took us nearly two years to complete our adoption process, but once were were home study ready for domestic infant, it was 10 months later, just before Christmas, that our daughter came home.

  2. 7 months. that is hard. that is long. but Praise the Lord it is in His hands! can't wait until the day that I get to celebrate your sweet baby with you!!! Praying for you friend!

  3. What a great, positive outlook you have it! Love it! I tell people and myself the same thing...Caroline is just not ready yet! Resting in God's perfect's always the best!!

  4. Wow! Makes paper pregnant seem like a breeze? Wishing you and your little "Hope" a very merry Christmas full of His love.

    Be sure and join our Adoption Blog Hop!

    Would love to feature your designs next month.

  5. Hi, hang in there. We have waited over 7 mos for our referral from Korea, 14 plus months total. We never thought Christmas would come without a picture of our daughter. I hope you get that call soon! They are just not ready yet, you are right. Hugs!

  6. I will be honest...I hate waiting. BUT somehow God always has me waiting? Yeah, trying to learn from that :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

    Pray your call comes soon :)

  7. We are in the same boat as you!! Just waiting, patiently waiting! Do you mind if i use some of your wording for my facebook page because that is we totally feel!
    Praying for you and hope that you will get your little blessing soon!

  8. Thank you all for your encouragment! I HATE waiting and am SOO ready to meet our baby....but I just have to remind myself daily of truth!
    "Dtill"...You are WELCOMED to use any of my words! If they encourage you in any way....copy away!!!!

  9. Am with you girl! Hang tight and keep on trusting in God's timing! Happy New Year!

  10. Hello! I found your blog through the Money Saving Mom site several months ago, and looked you back up today because I was thinking about ordering some clothes for our newly adopted daughter. :)

    I wanted to let you know how similar our stories are (we started out wanting to adopt internationally, then learned of the need to adopt AA babies) and I completely understand the waiting time. We waited about 9 months before we got matched with our son in 2008, but then we only waited about two weeks before we adopted our daughter this summer!

    We were not expecting such a long wait with our son, and it was trying at times. I asked many of the same questions you did. We'll pray for you all--the wait will be sooo worth it when you hold your little one!

    Here's our blog if you want to see our crew!

  11. I REALLY appreciate this post! We are only 5 days into our official wait for a domestic/infant/transracial adoption and feel like if there's truly a need, then it should happen quickly. Reading on your blog today helped me to realize that even if it doesn't' happen quickly, it will happen in God's perfect timing, and there IS a need!! (It wouldn't happen quickly if we adopted internationally either!) Thanks for your encouragement!


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