Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Conference call and on to the contract!!

We had our first scheduled conference call with AGCI this afternoon... it was great! I am thrilled to finally be "in" the process. Soooo, we have about 83 days (yea, I counted it out) to turn in our contract and orientation packet with $7,390. (That covers contract fees, orphan care fees, homestudy review and adoptive parent education workbook). We are praying the Lord will provide, knowing He will provide.... and, on I go sewing! I've also been walking around the house tonight trying to find anything that is worth something to sell on ebay. Hum, slim pickins :) After we finish the homestudy, we can apply for various adoption grants, etc, but we have to sign that contract and be homestudy approved first! Oh, we are sooo eager to sign that contract and move on to the next step! I open to any and all fundraising idea :)


  1. I am praying that God provides for your family to bring a sweet child home!

  2. For our family garage sales did very well. Get friends and family to donate stuff which surprising only took a few weeks to gather a ton of stuff and we made around $1500,

    You will get there don't worry. God won't plant a desire in your heart and fail you. I still struggle with the financial aspect of this adoption even after God has provided and provided for us.


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