Friday, November 13, 2009

Book Worms

If you have ever been to our home, you have probably noticed something. Books. Everywhere. We love 'em. We spend an insane amount of time with 'em. Even wild child Samuel pulls himself, plus a stack of books up onto the couch and "reads" mulitple times a day. I took this picture a few hours before Samuel discovered he, at 19 months, can climb out of his crib. Not gracefully however; he crashed onto his head. Samuel gives me about a heart attack a day.

This week has been an occasion in our family...Evangeline seemed to "get it" with her phonics and is beginning to read a bit on her own. Today, she read her first book, all the way through!!! (I did help a bit.)

The kids had fun taking their quiet time today.... we have 2 big containers to "house" our baby chicks and heat lamps (don't worry, theses are new, clean containers), and the kids rested in them. Twenty five baby chicks should be arrive in the mail tomorrow!

No real adoption news this week.... our insurance application is in for the kids, and once we have a confimation on it, we can finally move onto the next step!

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