Thursday, November 19, 2009

We're Approved!!!!

Tonight, AGCI called to let us know we have officially been approved for the adoption!!!! Our application took quite a bit longer than usual due to an insurance glitch, but finally, the journey has begun. On Tuesday afternoon Kenny and I have our joint conference call with AGCI and then move onto the contract (read: FEES!) My mind is running with more fundraising ideas. After I got off of the phone with AGCI and explained to the kids what the approval meant, Evangeline came to me with her little Hello Kitty wallet. She has been working hard to earn and save money to buy some bitty baby items from the American Girl catalog. "Here Momma," she said, "you can have this money for our child. I don't need it. You can use it for her." Somewhere in Ethiopia sits a little girl who has a big sister who loves her very much!! Praising the Lord for the good news tonight!!


  1. Hi, It is good to know there are other people in the atlanta area that want to adopt from Africa. It seems that God is starting to work in this city! Congratulations on getting approved with AGCI! I would love to be apart of a fellowship in Atlanta, my friend Andrea ( started a fellowship also in Atlanta two weeks ago. The blog is Maybe you two could come together and get this started. We have not meet or anything, because there only four people that really know about the blog. Andrea is also adopting from Ethipia and she just got on the waiting list with AGCI. She lives in Roswell. I think I heard of your blog before. Thanks for sending me a message. I will be excited to see your journey unfold!!

  2. yayyyyyyyyy, so excited for you guys. Our application and approval took a long time too...It was all perfect because it landed us in the perfect timing to receive referral for our Lucy happy for you all...things will spead up from ehre :) kristi

  3. ps..can you tell i'm typing with a 2 yr. old on my lap :) kj


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