Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring SALE!!!!!

I made up a stash of "Katie" Dresses for a little spring sale......and to see if it is even possible to sew with the peanuts:)
I think they like the hum of the machines....I will start taking custom orders again on Friday, April 1st!


The Katie dress is Evangeline's favortie. Light and cool for hot summer days.
The dresses pictured below are ready to ship. I will mail them out first thing in the morning.
***They are $25 each, plus $2 each shipping.
First come, first serve.
***Please email me (jubug231@aol.com) or leave a FB comment HERE
and include the size and description of the dress you want!
***After you email me....and I confirm your order.....use the "BUY NOW" button at the bottom of this post to complete yoru purchase!

Size 6-12 months: Snails-SOLD!

Size 18 months: Dragonflies-SOLD!

Size 2: Groove Celebration

Size 3: Breeze Blooms-SOLD!

Size 4: Charisma-SOLD!

Size 4: Pink and Orange-SOLD!

Size 5: Passion-SOLD!

Size 5: Breeze Blooms-SOLD!

Size 6: Wildflowers

Size 7-8: Primrose


  1. Julie, I want the size 4 green & purple dress (charisma, I think) for Ansley

  2. I'll put you down for it....and get it right to you. I love sewing for sweet Ansley! Thanks Brandi!

  3. I'd love charisma, passion, or breeze blooms in a size 7 if you make more! Do you use a pattern? I'd love to learn how to do that neckline, I'm a new sewer. Thanks,
    Kimberly Boswell

  4. Kimberly, on these sale dresess only the exact one listed are for sale. I am at the end of those 3 fabrics.....so I can't make more of them! I will be taking orders again the first of April, and you can choose a fabric from the "Fabrics" page if you like! This is a fun neckline.....I'll be happy to send you a link to a similar pattern if you like!

  5. just got pouty that A is a boy. I want to buy flitterbug dresses, haha.

  6. Julie,
    The dresses are precious. My little girl opened the package and loved them!


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