Friday, March 11, 2011

"Are They Identical?"

Having a hand full of kiddos, including the twinnies, is teaching me a lot.

One such lesson is this; Don't ever plan on blogging.....or doing anything for that matter....on a certain day or time:) I really had planned on coming back and answering my last post, but before I knew it 10 days had passed and I had not so much a peeked at my blog. Life has been wonderful, full this past week...and time if flying by! (The fullness of life has also included van troubles, a dead washing machine, immunizations for the peanuts which involved 2 days of fever and crying, and a sweet 6 year old who vacuumed the house with a black crayon stuck to the bottom of the vacuum. You don't even want to know what that will do to beige carpet!:)
So, what is the question we get ALL the time, EVERYWHERE we go?
"Are they identical?"
The first time someone asked me this, I thought they were kidding. We soon realized...nope....they were serious! Just in case you are is IMPOSSIBLE for boy/girl twins to be identical. I'm told by boy/girl twins that Jordan and Eliana will be asked this their entire lives. The responses people come up with are great:) Oftentimes, "Are they identical?" is followed up with, "So are they brother and sister?" or "Do they have the same birthmother?"
Almost without exception, we have been met with love and excitement each time we venture out. We do get the typical, "Are they yours/Are you a daycare" responses. We also regularly have women burst into tears when they see the babies and want to just look at them and rub their little heads. I haven't quite figured what triggers that response, but it happened 4 times in Kroger alone last week!
My favorite question thus far: "So, what color is your boyfriend?"
My response: "I don't have a boyfriend." ....and I just leave it at that.(We know that there will times throughout the peanuts' lives that they will feel different or uncomfortable with the questions that total strangers ask, and to the best of our ability, we are trying to take the focus off of them and rather make ourselves the "different" or "uncomfortable" ones....if that makes sense!)
On to some Flitterbugs sewing!
I am going to start sewing again in the next couple of weeks.....with a few changes:
*I will only be taking Flitterbugs orders in the spring and summer months. (End of March through September). I just can't do a good job of homeschooling and I need to cut back on the sewing.
*In the past, though I have not advertised it, I have taken in quite a bit of sewing crib bedding/boys outfits/random stuff. From now on, I need to stick to sewing only patterns and styles I have listed on my home page.
*In order to get your order to you as quickly as possible, and to keep things running smoothly at home, I will be taking in 10 orders at a time. Once I finish up those 10 orders, I'll take in 10 more. I know this is not the savvy way to run business, and I realize I will loose customers this way.........but I need to work the sewing around my hubby and kids, rather than the hubby and kids take a back seat to the sewing! If you are wondering....all profits will go to our adoption finalization costs...and then in a saving account for a future adoption. (No, nothing in the will take a few years of sewing to be ready, so might as well start saving!:)
Hopefully, that all makes sense and I do look forward to sewing again!
If you do need a winter dress or don't like the way I am working things.....than hop on over to my friends Sallee's site and order a Poppy Dip! She does beautiful work, and from what I hear she is FAST! (Hum....maybe my little Flitterbugs will wear a Poppy Dip for Christmas this year:)
Since I will be sewing during the summer months, and since we have this precious baby model.....I thought it would be fun to add a few summer baby patterns to the mix!
Here is a sneak peak at the Ruffled Sunsuit:
Can there be too many ruffles on a baby's bum.......I think not:)
This fun little sunsuit will run from size 3 month to size 4, and can be used as a bathing suit. So cute!

I have one more pattern......cute for your baby girl/toddler in the summer.....I just need to get it made up and take pictures. (And this time I will not promise as to when that will be:)
The peanuts are done with me blogging.....better run.
Happy Friday to you all!


  1. O my, the ruffled sunsuit is too cute. HOw much will these be??

  2. Oh, I love this! I can totally relate. I keep getting similar stares and questions from strangers. They'll look at us and say... "um, are you... are those kids, uh, you know what I mean??" And I'll just smile and let them stammer and try to get out their question. I do think most people think I'm a day care service or something. Hilarious!

    Girl, I love your blog. We listed you on the "blogs we love" on the cupcake kids site. Your peanuts are so precious.

  3. The "are they yours" questions made me smile. I'm biracial (black/white) and am quite a bit darker than my milky white, auburn haired mother. I remember when I was a teenager (long enough ago that it wasn't as acceptable as it is today) and we'd be out shopping, people would really look when I said "Mom" and she answered. It was quite funny sometimes. It got to the point where I would do it on purpose sometimes just to watch peoples' reactions. The key in those situations is to have a sense of humor and know that the majority of the people you meet will be very okay with your family. As for why they all want to touch your babies heads?? The tight,curly hair of an African American baby just begs to be touched and rubbed. I had peoples' hands in my curls most of my growing up years. They just can't help it. : )

  4. This made me laugh! Our top question is "are they twins?" I used to say that one was two weeks older than the other and sometimes just leave it at that... until someone at Target asked me "how did you manage that??" Sad that adoption isn't even on people's radar! But we're really well received everywhere we go. It's hard not to admire a sweet baby boy and girl!

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