Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can You Guess?

What is the one question we are asked over, and over and over about the twins?
At church , the grocery store......everywhere we go, people want to know.......
Can you guess??
Come back tomorrow to find out....and to see:
The NEW Flitterbug Design for the summer!
(Yes....I'll be back to sewing......time to work on our adoption finaliazation costs. There will be a few changes to better fit homeschooling and life with 5 littles. Come back tomorrow for more!)


  1. I think I know! As the mother of adopted girl / boy twins ... my guess is the most common questions is "ARE THEY IDENTICAL?"
    Our twins are five years old ... and this questions still cracks me up.
    My typical response is ... "No, they have different parts."
    What I really want to say is, "Duh? One is a girl and one is a boy."
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. They want to know which one is older?? My guess would be Jordan. But the identical twin question is too funny!!! I'd have a hard time keeping a straight face if someone asked me that. HA!

  3. I’m guessing “Are they brother and sister?"

  4. As a fellow mother of twins, I was going to guess the "Are they identical" question ;-) Heehee!

  5. are you babysitting?? OR are you fostering?? i get that some times?? AND. of course the famous: Are they ALL yours?? too funny,kj

  6. I have B/G twins as well....and it is always...."are they identical?" :)

  7. I was going to guess "are they adopted?" but the Identical one cracks me up. LOL! I bet that is IT!

  8. I know because I have a twin brother. :) ~Rachel

  9. My first thought was the question, "Are they identical?" :) And the second was "Are they yours?"

  10. "Are all these yours???" Can't wait to hear!

  11. As an adoptive, I hear all the time, "Are they REAL siblings?"

    Mrs. U

  12. As an adoptive momma- i got how much did she cost and are you still paying for her, is she really yours or are you babysitting.
    Cant wait for you to start sewing again!! Love your dresses!!

  13. I am going to guess "are they identical"...which is hilarious if that is the number one question you get.

  14. "Where did you get them/Where are they from."

  15. Hope all is okay with you and your family..."tomorrow" has been a LONG time coming! ;0)


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