Friday, May 7, 2010

Sewin' Love...

I am so thankful to have had a lot of sewing to do this past week! Thank you, thank you to everyone who is helping to bring our peanut home! May 18th we should be officially homestudy approved and profile ready!!!! OK, a few recent designs:

Paisley Ruffle Sundress...headed to Texas
Frog Paisely to South Carolina
This specialty tee was SO much fun! It is headed to Tracy, who is OFFICIALY miss Ellie Grace's momma! Ellie Grace will be home from Ethiopia SOON!!!
I loved working on these will see them in an upcoming giveaway on one of my favorite sites on May 19th. I can't wait!!!
Loved, loved this first birthday specialty tee!!!
I have about 20 dresses made up and ready to post for a big, if I can just get pictures taken and up! Soon, soon!


  1. They are beautiful, Julie!! One of these days, I hope to get matching dresses for my girls!

    Praying for your new little one who is growing inside his/her mommy right now!


  2. The outfits are beautiful! Keep up the good work and your little one wil be home before you know it!

  3. Girl- you've got some MAJOR talent! Absolutely beautiful!!!!


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