Monday, May 3, 2010

Meltdown, Fingerprints and Total Controlled Chaos:)

Last night........I had my first total, complete, gut wrenching adoption waiting meltdown. It was not pretty, as my kids can tell by my still-swollen eyes. We officially started our adoption journey last August, and have had many bumps, setbacks and total frustrations since then. I KNOW that this journey is the Lord's and HIS timing and ways are perfect, but my heart ACHES and LONGS to hold my little one.
Our most recent frustration has been our GBI/FBI fingerprints and background checks. We must have these checks run and return to our agency in order to be homestudy approved. Without getting bogged down in the boring details, Georgia has very recently changed the ways agencies and the courts run checks, and this has caused much confusions for all involved. We were thrilled wen we were able to get our prints taken 5 weeks and 4 days ago. It should have taken 48 hours for theses results to be sent back to our agency...but here we are, over 5 weeks later, still waiting. I have made countless calls trying to get things worked out, but to no avail.
Last night I heard that a family from our agency had a baby girl placed in their arms within a day of being homestudy approved.....and my heart just broke. Now, don't get me wrong,I am HAPPY for this family, and I KNOW that this is the child the Lord has set apart for them...but I became lost in hurt and frustration. We have for MONTHS been on this journey with what seems like no progress. I KNOW in the end I will look back and see His goodness and timing in it all, but some days my heart feels nothing but ache for our child. It is hard to watch families who started the journey get referrals, travel to Ethiopia and love on their children while we wait. My heart just hurt to the point of a total breakdown last night.
The good Lord knew that today would bring some relief! My sweet husband called at about 10:00 this morning, and said, "I got 'em." WHOOOHOOOO! He had left work (yea, he'll now have to make up those hours), and gone to the courthouse. He basically refused to leave until he had those background checks in hand. After an hour and a half of working every living soul in our county court offices, the judge and our with our agency's help (thanks Jill!!!!) he emerged with prints in hand!
I grabbed up the kids, hucked everyone in the car and drove out in the rainstorm of the decade to take our prints to our agency. The kids were looking rough when we arrived, and for some reason I just HAD to tell our caseworker Samuel got his hand stuck in the mouse sticky trap this morning. I must have looked like a crazy lady asking...."Hey ya'll...approve me to adopt!"
Below is my hubby...the superhero of the day with our clearances!

Then, it got a little crazy. Hubby decided to cheer me up...... and spontaneously got a free (stray? we aren't sure) baby kitten for me. So, with baby kitten in the van, we trek t our agency, then take over a hour to get home in the torrential rain. Whew! Kids and cat in from the near flood outside, when up pulls our postlady with a box of 25 baby chicks we had ordered a month ago! Augh! I now had one kitten and 25chicks....all of whom need someone to feed them with the medicine dropper. I was going to put the chicks in the coop outside....when I noticed the mouse/rat in the coop and back in they come. I would like to think the chaos is controlled, but not too sure on that one.

Now off to care for the children, chicks and cat...and hopefully hear when we will be approved and profile ready!


  1. Yay!! So happy that you got that step done! Now please oh pleasr send some of that my way! Still waiting for news of where ours are at!

  2. Oh......not very fun to deal with. Praying for you and sooo glad your husband is a WONDERFUL HERO! He deserves a GREAT DADDY award!!!! So is that the last step you have??? I mean before being able to be matched - all in God's timing of course.

    Hey, you know the new kitten & chicks will be preparation for the new baby to come soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Julie, My heart aches for you in this adoption process! Even after EVERYTHING (with all its setbacks) was done and we were supposed to be in Ethiopia by May it took until the end of July to bring Elias and Micah home! And I was only a waiting sister in that instance - can't imagine my parents angst! It's all worth it in the end :-) Yay for brave Kenny! And yay for chicks and a kitten! Praying things will work out sooooon!

  4. oh how exciting that you finally got them! We seem very close together in the journey! We are hoping to get on the waiting list by the end of this week! :0)

  5. You will soooo see His goodness after this waiting is over! I promise! I look back now and it the journey to Carter was nothing although we are still waiting for China - that's a whole different story but God's timing is perfect!!


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