Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the winner is......!

The winner of this weeks giveaway is (according to :

Manhattan Mandie
Thank you for everyone who entered. We will have another giveaway soon!
And on the adoption front...this week was great! It is awesome to actually begin to do something to bring our peanut home! I have been itching for some paperwork, and this week has delivered. I finished almost all of the 70+ papers needed to start our homestudy, did the many steps needed to get the form to get our well and septic tested, am working on our fire escape plan, and got the cat its shots so that I could get the paper I needed to prove the cat is up to date on shots (did ya catch that? Is that bad ? :) AND filed our taxes so I can get the needed 2009 return. I am also getting together pictures to make our family profile for our birthmother. I had thought about posting pictures of our profile each time I finish a page (it will be about 8 pages in the end), but I think I will not. I don't know if this makes an sense, but a part of me feels like this profile is something special, just for our birthmother. If she wants to show it off, that's just fine. But those little eight pages of pictures and letters will be just for her, to do with as she wants. I already feel so much for this person I do not know, and hope to one day be able to articulate my love and respect for birthmothers!
This Thursday we have our first homestudy interview....I cannot wait!

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