Monday, February 14, 2011

Growing Peanuts

Seven weeks was just a normal Monday.
A phone call changed that.
Two precious lives, fearfully and wonderfully made.....were entrusted to us.
We are humbled.
The past 7 weeks have flown by......beautiful weeks full of laughter and love.
...every minute a gift, every day treasured....

We have been told time and time again that adoption is not a fairy tale.
However, that is exactly what these past 7 weeks have felt like.

Our little peanuts are growing and changing right before our very eyes!
We stand blessed.
We stand amazed.
We stand in love!


  1. They are absolutely adorable!! All five of them. :) I hope you guys are doing great. Somehow I don't have your right number--can you message me your phone number? Or call me. I'd love to chat soon!! -Katie

  2. so happy for you julie! I know how it feels! such an amazing, cant describe it feeling! ;0)

  3. Your twins are beautiful! :) I found your blog off another blog of a lady on Topmommyblogs! :)
    My family was a Foster family for Newborns the day they came home from the hospital and the agency was Covenant Care. They are awesome. That was when I was a teenager and now I have a family of my own. I would love to adopt, but my hubby says maybe later. I still celebrate others who are doing their part! :) God bless you and your family for adding 2 more!


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