Monday, January 17, 2011

We Love Our Peanuts!

If I can figure out how to type with one finger while holding 2 precious babies....maybe I can actually blog one day:)
We are so in love with these babies! Kenny and I still look at each other daily and ask, "Can you believe this?"
When we started the adoption journey, we had no idea the blessings the Lord had in store for us! I'll leave you with a few day I'll sneak in some blogging moments.:)

Our 5 precious treasures!
Evangeline (7)
Samuel (2)
Jordan and Eliana (12 weeks)


  1. i LOVE your pictures! your amazing me with how your handling 5 precious treasures with two being the same age! btw, i read your profile and you get to update now b/c it reads you have 3 and will be 4 soon and wow little did you know you'll be changing it to 5 instead of 4! ;0)

  2. I couldn't leave a comment earlier, but I had to jump back on here and tell you...they are so precious!

  3. So thrilled for y'all!!! Just saw the news of the arrival of your sweet angels. My husband and I just read your recent posts together and were overwhelmed with joy for your newest additions, God is so good! Blessings to yall

  4. Just loving happy for you!!!! My heart overflows knowing that God has sooo many plans for us. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  5. Dear Julie,
    I am one of Laura's best friends in Birmingham and just wanted to let you know how reading your blog has warmed my heart. Thank you for the sacrifices you and Kenny have made to welcome Eliana and Jordan into your lives. What a blessing you are to them and what a gift they are to you! Your story so clearly demonstrates the gospel to all who hear it.
    God Bless you, Julie! So, so happy for you...
    Abby Frazer

  6. julie,
    i found your page through covenant care's facebook page. we have just (like, as in this past weekend) started the process to adopt...and through covenant care.
    we are so excited/thrilled/nervous and it's great to see someone else's story.
    i'll definitely be checking in...often! :-)
    your children--all of them!--are absolutely beautiful. so many wonderful blessings!


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