Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Each year in America, approximately 1,350,500 babies are aborted. That about 3,700 per day.....1 every 24 seconds. For every 100 live births in the U.S. there are 31 abortions.
On October 18, 2010...there were 3,700 babies aborted.....
minus 2.

Birthmothers fight hard for the lives of their babies. They fight against the tide of our culture, the advice of many "professionals" and their own fears. At great loss to their own hearts, they not only choose life, beautiful life, but a future within a family for their little ones.

The love and sacrifice of our birthmother humbles me. It challenges me. And it makes me want to fight for the lives of the 3,700 babies lost each day, and the precious hearts and souls of the ladies who carry those babies.

Today, we hold in our arms 2 precious children......proof of the handiwork of God, and a living picture of the war we are fighting.

They are fearfully and wonderfully made!


  1. oh, what a great wonderfully said...Praise God, kristi

  2. amen sister! I love this so much, thanks for the facts...hope you don't mind if I post this! I'll of course link back to you! ;0)

  3. Great post! Congrats on your beautiful little babies!

  4. Love that, minus 2. Humbles me, too! Thank you for this post!

  5. Julie,
    I was telling someone about your sewing to bring a baby home and visited your blog today! I shed tears of joy when I read your news of a double blessing!!! What a wonderful God we serve. Congratulations!!!


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