Monday, November 15, 2010

Hunormous Giveaway.....Grab a piece of "The Pie"!

Would you like to win:

20 shirts

3 hats

12 handmade items (yes...any Flitterbug of your choice is in the mix!)

and even better...

help to bring home a baby from Ethiopia

AND support Amazina Ministries?!?!

Pop on over to "The Farmer's Wife Tells All" and "grab a piece of the pie"!
This is a huge, huge giveaway......and does so much more than just get you cool shirts:)
There are about a bazillion ways to know you want to be a part!
Head on over and see all of the great stuff you can win!

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  1. Thank you!! You are a doll. And I love the use of "hunormous"


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