Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What If It Were Today?

Each day......several times each day, I think, "Will it be today?"

While writing out the date, I often wonder, "Is our baby being born today? Is our birthmother's due date today?"

Sometimes, I cast a glance at the phone, as if I could will it to ring, yet at the same time and in some supernatural way, I am content and confident to let the Lord write this adoption and timeline. (As if I have any control of it anyways!)

Some days, Kenny bluntly and randomly states, "I am ready for our adoption to happen." He has a child he loves and longs to meet.

It has been 8 years since the Lord wrote adoption on our hearts....15 months since we officially began our adoption journey.....and 5 months and 3 days since we were officially homestudy approved and waiting. Honestly, I never thought we would be waiting for so long....and I a ready for the waiting to be over. Oh, please let it be today!

This morning, "could it be today?" casually crossed my mind, as it does everyday. Then me heart realized, as a Christian, I should live in that state. Jesus is coming....what if it were today? Do I not long for that day? I admit, I rarely think about it. It could be today, it could be could be in a thousand years...but it will be. Why do I not think about that as I wake, plan my day and prepare for tomorrow? Would it not change the way I live...would I not walk my days in a more eternal perspective?

Four years ago, in a unexpected blink of an eye....I almost met my maker. One day I will share those moments and what went through my mind. I will tell you it has changed my perspective on life and how I live. How I mother, what kind of wife I want to be and my desires in life have forever been altered. But even though I experienced first hand how quickly our lives can end, I still do not often think.....

"Today could be the day! The eastern skies could split, the trumpet could sound and the Lord could descend. Hallelujah!"

Just as wait in hopeful anticipation for the phone to ring, just as we long to receive that call and meet our child, I want to live in hopeful anticipation and expectation of the Lord's return. Heaven and Earth have been waiting for over 6,000 years....and it could be today!

"So you must also be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him." Matthew 24:44

What if it were today? Are you ready?


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