Thursday, June 3, 2010

$18 SALE!!! Ready to Ship!!!

I made up a big batch of the new "Katie" style Flitterbug....
the dresses are new and ready to ship..($3 shipping)
just $18 each!!
Just email me of you would like to buy one, first come first serve.

(The size of the Dress is on the picture, plus description below)

Size 1:Cupcakes-SOLD!

Size 2: Flower Crystals-SOLD

Size 3: Lily Pond-SOLD

Size 3: Lime Dots

Size 4: Plain Jane-SOLD!

Size 5: Ditzy Dots-SOLD

Size 5-China Dolls-SOLD

Size 6: Spring Flowers

***** Remember, thru Saturday you can order any "Katie" dress or top for just $20. See post below for more info!


  1. Do you still have the size 5s left??? I want them if so!

  2. Your dresses are so cute! May have to put away a little to get one for each of my girlies!


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