Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fundraising to the Fundraisers

Who dreamt up telemarketing?? Someone determined, desperate, with a vision? Hum, I'm not sure....but count me among them. I find myself, quite without planning, turning the tables on these "professional fundraisers.

Last night, phone rings:

(me) "Hello?"

....the give-it-away-I'm-a-telemarketer second of silence and ..

(voice)"Hello. I'm calling on behalf of....

and then comes the totally unsolicited, five minute, no chance to interrupt, reading from the prompter spill on who knows what. can we count on you at the platinum level for a one time gift of $250?"

(me) in the midst of folding clothes, changing baby and pouring cornbread into a sizzling skillet...

"I appreciate what you are trying to do...but actually, we are also fundraising. We are in the process of adopting a little girl....and I launch into my well rehearsed, trying-to-capture-your-heart monologue on Ethiopia, our adoption, the need, the children, the process......

(voice) "Oh...," pretty sure she was scanning her prompter at this point, totally at a loss as to what to do next, " you want to give us $15?"

If you want your name quickly placed on the "do not call list", just try to fund raise to them. Who knows??!!!?? Isn't that the way they operate :)

(Oh, and don't worry, if you call my house, you will not get my speech :)

A little fundraising update: We are 30 days out from our contract fees deadline. I realize we are not in control, and the Lord has His own good plans regarding this adoption..... after weeks of stressing, trying, and venting over this, my heart (most days!) is at peace and confident in Him!! Those of you who have told me adoption does not change others, it changes you, are so right. (And glory to God for it!) The sewing is going well, and in the future we pray it will be a complete tool to fund future adoptions. Though it is not moving fast enough to cover upcoming funds, we are thrilled at what the future holds for Flitterbugs:) Yesterday was sooo encouraging! A few weeks ago, my younger sisters and I set up a little site, . I have been a bit timid about pushing it. (The idea behind the site stems from a $10 donation from a fellow adoptive family, the Silers. My sisters and I started running the numbers, and thought..hey, what if 2000 people gave $10 to bring Eliana home? I was a bit skeptical, but most everyone I have mentioned the idea to has loved it!) Well, yesterday, two friends of mine surprised me and sent out mass emails to all of their contacts telling them about the site. Those emails raised about $200, most from total strangers!!! We were so encouraged by this generosity, and so encouraged in the fundraising process. I guess everyone sets out in their adoption, thinking the money will come in quickly. The desire to bring your child home is so strong, and money, unfortunately, is the major barrier to moving that process along, that you sort-of think you can "will" it in. The Lord is teaching me that day by day, little by little, in His time and with Hi vision this adoption will take place. I need to stop demanding, step back, and watch His perfect plan unfold!


  1. this is encouraging! praying you can raise all the funds you need!

  2. What's the amount that you must have for the contract fees deadline? I love that you turned the tables on the telemarketer :)
    ~Katie Mc.


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