Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the Winner Is....

April, I'll email you today :) Thank you for everyone who entered the giveaway! Ya'll. I am getting excited about fundraising. Your sweet emails and encouraging words are filling me with energy for this uphill climb. I do not know how the next few months will look, but I do know Who holds those months!

Get ready for lots of giveaways and sales. My fingers are itchin' to sew! Looks like the kids and hubby are gonna be livin' on Ramen for awhile. Check back on Monday for the first big $18 dollar sale!

And a little picture...just to make you smile!

If you don't know... my "wheat grinding supposedly natural lovin' self " has a thing for Dr.Pepper. Hummm... we may be in trouble.... butterbean seems to be following in my tracks!

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  1. He is SO cute!! I love the picture (and the inherited love of Dr. Pepper :). And so big now--it's been so long, I can't believe I've only ever seen photos! (Katie Mc...I think my name comes up different on here :)


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