Friday, September 24, 2010


First Day of Fall Sale.....all in fun Autumn colors!
These are ready to ship and first come first serve.
Just $20 each....
shipping is included in that price.
Email me ( or leave a comment if you would like to buy one!
(from left to on the picture to enlarge!)
Size 2- Charissma-SOLD!
Size 2- Woodland Flowers-SOLD!
Size 3- Tweet Tweet Birds-SOLD!
Size 3- Opulence-SOLD!
Size 4- Orange Swirls
Size 4 (1 inch longer that a regular 4!)- Poppy Pink-SOLD!
Size 5- Paisley Brown-SOLD!
Size 5- Gervias Rust-SOLD!
Size 6- Bohemian Dots


  1. I would love to buy a dress, but I think these all may be too big. If you ever get a chance to make a smaller one (24 months), would you let me know? Thank you-these are so beautiful!

  2. Hi Hillary....if you would like, you can order a custom dress. Just click on fabrics and pick your favorite! I will be doing another "ready made" sell soon, and I will be sure to make some smaller ones for it!

  3. Ceci....I have you down for the Tweet Tweet!

  4. definitely up for some small sizes in the next sale!

  5. Hi Hillary. is the size 4 poppy pink dress still available? I would be interested in purchasing that one to help you along your way on your adoption journey. I just found your blog through Money Saving Mom. I'd like to help and enjoy one of your dresses too. Thanks!! Tracy

  6. Hi Tracy....yes, the Poppy Pink is still available, and I have you down for it! If you get this message, shot me an email (jubug231@
    Blogger is not letting me access your profile to email you back!
    I'll keep trying:) Thank you so much!


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