Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trade for a Flitterbug!

E in her favorite ruffle sundress!

If you are like us and in the process of adoption fundraising, it's probably not the best time to buy...anything! Over the past few weeks, I have been doing a bit of bartering. Fun :) I heart me some adoption tees, and I want to be your walking billboard! So, here's the offer:

* If you have a fundraising tee shirt (or another great fundraiser I'll probably love!) and would like to trade for a Flitterbug, just email me!

* Choose a short sleeve Flitterbug Dress, or Ruffle sundress or Initial Shirt, any size and fabric or your choice

* I'll send you the Flitterbug, you send me your tee, and once I get the shirt, I'll post it here and so a bit of advertising for you!

Each time I wear an adoption shirt (or especially a WIPHAN shirt!) I am surprised at how many people ask where it came from. I am loving sending them to your site...advocating for adoption!


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  2. that is great what your doing! I would do it except I don't have any children yet and I believe you already ordered a shirt from us but be prepared because soon as we find out what gender our baby will be, I would love to have you make something! p.s. your shirt is in! Soon as you pay via paypal or mail, I'll send your shirt on out! Thanks so much for helping us!

  3. Love our trade. Hope you got your shirt! Make sure to send me a Paypal invoice for what I still owe you:-)


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